Due to the coronavirus, my outpatient treatments after the hospitalisation are postponed. Am I still entitled to a reimbursement?

For example, before the start of the lockdown, you were admitted at the hospital for knee surgery and you already followed some physiotherapy sessions.
Due to the coronavirus, your physiotherapist had to temporarily postpone his treatments.
Or your physiotherapist was not able to start your treatment.
These treatments will now fall outside the guaranteed post-hospitalisation period.

As always, we will investigate your right to a reimbursement after you have submitted your expenses. We will then examine to what extent we can take this exceptional situation into account and for what kind of expenses.
A possible exception to the guaranteed post-hospitalisation period is only allowed for ongoing treatments related to your admission and postponed specifically due to the coronavirus.
For example, we will not allow exceptions for the purchase of pharmaceutical products, since pharmacists have always been open.

In order to process this correctly for you, it is important that you provide the information below whilst submitting your expenses. This can be done via the online expense form or via our Vanbreda App in the box "comments / additional information":

  • Delayed treatments due to corona
  • The date of your hospitalisation
  • The treatments were suspended from (date) until (date)
  • The treatments were resumed from (date) until (date)