I am temporarily laid off due to the coronavirus. Therefore it is difficult for me to pay my premium. What should I do?

When you are or have been temporarily laid off due to the coronavirus and this provides difficulties to pay your premium for the hospitalisation insurance, please let us know. We will try our best to find a solution together.

Of course, this is only applicable for those who pay their premium, or the one for their family members, directly to our services. This exceptional measure is also only valid for the premiums during the period of temporary lay-off.

If you wish to benefit from this exceptional measure, please send an e-mail, containing the following information, to premieuitstel@vanbreda.be:

  • Your name, your date of birth, your address and the name of your employer
  • Your question to delay the payment of your premium due to a temporary lay-off

We will handle your demand and contact you as soon as possible with more information.