What happens with my pre and post hospitalisation expenses when my admission to hospital is postponed because of the coronavirus?

Due to the current situation, some admissions are postponed. As a consequence, the guaranteed pre and post hospitalisation period is compromised. We take the exceptional circumstances into consideration, yet we are bound to the arrangements of the insurer.

  • How will the pre and post hospitalisation period be determined in this case?

The ambulatory (outpatient) medical expenses within the contractual pre hospitalisation period, incurred before the initial admission to hospital, as well as the ambulatory medical expenses incurred between the postponed hospitalisation and the newly planned admission will be reimbursed according to the policy conditions. For the post hospitalisation period the actual date of discharge from the hospital is taken into consideration of course. As usual, this coverage only applies to the medical expenses directly related to the reason of your accepted admission.

  • How do you proceed to submit your medical expenses?

These are the possibilities, depending from your personal situation:

I already declared my admission to Vanbreda and I already received an acceptation mail or letter

It is important that you indicate on the expense form or on the medical expenses documents that these expenses are related to a postponed hospitalisation. We kindly ask you to indicate the initial date as well as the actual date of the admission to hospital.

I did not submit the declaration to Vanbreda yet, for my admission at the initial date

When submitting your medical expenses, it is very important to add a certificate proving the admission to hospital has been postponed due to the coronavirus. This certificate can be written by a (family) doctor, the secretary of the doctor or the reception desk personnel of the hospital. It must contain the initial date as well as the actual date of admission, which is important for us to calculate our intervention.