What happens with my pre hospitalisation expenses when my admission to hospital is postponed because of the coronavirus?

Due to the current situation, some admissions are postponed. As a consequence, the guaranteed pre hospitalisation period is compromised.

First of all, let us know that your admission has actually been postponed. View our FAQ 'My admission is cancelled because of the coronavirus. How do I proceed?'

Important! In order to determine whether we can extend the pre hospitalisation period of your admission, we need a certificate. When submitting costs, please enclose a certificate mentioning the initial date of admission, the newly scheduled date of admission, and the confirmation that the admission has been put off because of the postponement / run-down of the regular medical care in the hospital due to the coronavirus. This certificate can be written by a hospital service (reception, medical secretariat) or by your doctor. We will be evaluating this certificate together with the medical costs that you submit. Therefore, we cannot give you a definite answer in advance.

It is important that you indicate on the expense form or on the medical expenses documents that these expenses are related to a postponed hospitalisation. We kindly ask you to indicate the initial date as well as the actual date of the admission to hospital.