Medi-Link and reminder procedure

There might be cases in which you need to pay or refund a certain amount to Vanbreda. For instance, a Medi-Link refund or the payment of your insurance premium when this premium is not paid by your employer. You have 30 days to pay or refund the amount due. As long as we do not receive your payment, we can freeze our reimbursement of medical pre and post hospitalisation expenses that you submitted with regard to a (one-day) hospitalisation. As soon as we have received the amount due from you, we will release the frozen payments. However, we reserve the right to take any outstanding balances payable into account. In that case, we can charge the applicable statutory interest.         

In case of prolonged non-payment, we can also inform your employer of this and block the Medi-Link cards of all your family members. After 3 months of non-payment this blocking will be irrevocable.