I’m going to be incapacitated for work for a long time. Help?

You fall ill unexpectedly for a longer period of time and ask yourself what the impact will be on your salary.

Don't worry, your employer has prepared for this and provided you with a guaranteed insurance salary or offered you the opportunity to subscribe to it. Your disability insurance can be invoked as soon as the waiting period has passed. This is the so-called waiting period and depends on your policy conditions.

When can you use your insurance?

Your disability insurance provides an allowance if you are unable to work in full or in part and have a loss of income. This may be due to illness, maternity leave, an accident in your private life or pregnancy.

The allowance you receive is called annual interest and is paid on top of the contribution you receive from your health insurance fund. The extent to which you can claim an allowance in your salary and the amount of this annual interest depends on your policy conditions.

My waiting period is coming to an end

As soon as your employer has informed Vanbreda that the waiting period has passed, we will take action for you.

We will send you a declaration form with more information about your disability. We advise you to prepare this carefully and to check exactly which documents you need to add for a complete declaration. This way we can help you quickly and ensure a smooth payment. This can usually be done within 10 working days for online notifications.

For each payment, we provide you with a clear overview of the period, the amount and the annual interest rate. After your notification, we will always pay out the compensation for the previous month(s). After that, we will provide a monthly payment.

Is your incapacity for work extended?

Your employer will inform us. Our medical adviser can request additional information or medical reports for further follow-up. We recommend that you respond fully and in good time, so that we can continue to pay your annual interest . Even if you are able to resume work earlier than expected, you need to inform us as soon as possible. This way, we avoid having to ask you afterwards to refund amounts that have already been paid.

Retained withholding taxes

The payments from your insurance are a part of your salary. Just like on your employer's salary, we withhold a part of this as withholding tax (approximately 22.2%). After your tax return, the exact amount that you owe to the tax authorities will be determined. You can expect an annual tax form from us containing the amounts you have to declare on your tax return.

Do you have any questions? Continue surfing on our website or contact us online. We wish you a carefree recovery!