Pregnant? Congratulations!

Baby on the way? A wonderful time in which you can start looking for a name, choosing birth announcement cards, decorating the nursery,... In addition to these fun activities, it is also important to think about the administrative steps and the financial impact that a pregnancy and childbirth entail.

In Belgium, we have a strong social security system that provides a good safety net.. Make sure you check the following websites:

  • for child benefit:
  • for the ‘startbedrag’ and ‘groeipakket’:
  • the website of your health insurance company

What can we do to help you?

 Your hospitalisation insurance reimburses numerous medical costs that your health insurance fund does not reimburse in the event of hospitalisation: your personal share(the non-refundable part of medical expenses), but also the supplements to doctors' fees and the residence costs if you stay in a single room.

Choice of room and other policy conditions

As a mother-to-be, you might consider taking a single room to enjoy your child in peace and quiet and to recharge your batteries. Please note that the invoice will then be a lot higher  Hospitals apply different prices if you stay in a room for one, two or more persons.  In a single room, your doctor has the right to charge supplements on his fee.  Ask for the rates at the hospital and check what exactly is included in the guarantees of your policy.

 Your hospitalisation insurance usually reimburses all your medical expenses, except for non-medical expenses such as drinks, care products or your partner's stay in the room. Also check whether your policy provides an exemption: this is an amount that remains at the patient's expense and may be higher if you opt for a single room.

Pre- and aftercare

In addition to the admission invoice, your insurance often also provides a reimbursement for the pre- and aftercare costs: consultations with the gynecologist, pre- and postnatal physiotherapy, maternity nursing, the costs for a midwife, etc. With AssurPharma you can very easily and fully automatically send us your pharmacy costs. To arrange maternity nursing, it is best to contact your health insurance fund. If you are also affiliated to the assistance insurance Assi-Link or Assi-Link+, you can contact them about this.

Third-party payment scheme

Your admission bill can usually be arranged directly between our services and the hospital. The third-party payment scheme Medi-Link takes care of this. It is important that you register the birth in advance: simply send us your due date online or via our Vanbreda app.

Quick and easy admission

It is best to download the Vanbreda app in advance.  This way you always have all your digital cards at hand. This simplifies the declaration of your admission, and you will have the identification number, which is required in the hospital, always within reach.

Outpatient or home birth?

For an outpatient birth, you need to follow the same procedure as for a regular birth or C-section. If you prefer to give birth at home, you should check your policy to see if it is covered. Here you will also find information on how to affiliate your child to the hospitalisation insurance.

With your hospitalisation insurance you don't have to worry and you can concentrate on what's really important: enjoying your pregnancy and your baby!