Well-prepared for your journey!

Has your city trip to New York been booked yet? Do you enjoy backpacking through the Rif Mountains in Morocco? Are you an avid skier or are you just going to relax in Bali for a week? In order to be able to travel with peace of mind, it is best to check the following in advance:

  • Do you have the passports of all family members?
  • What about an international driving licence?
  • Did you receive your vaccinations for the country in question?
  • Is your travel pharmacy complete?
  • Does your health insurance fund provide an intervention if you need medical care abroad? To consult the list of countries with which the health insurance fund has concluded an agreement, it is best to contact them directly.
  • Do you have private travel insurance?
  • In the event of illness or breakdown, is there an intervention from your collective hospitalisation insurance or does your employer provide an additional Assi-Link or Assi-Link+ insurance?

Hospitalisation insurance

The reimbursement conditions for hospitalisation abroad vary from policy to policy and often depend on the country you are travelling to. Whether the pre and post-treatment costs or the costs incurred in connection with your serious illness are covered also depends on your policy.


Are you on a different continent in a different time zone and do you urgently need practical assistance? If you are affiliated via Assi-Link, these services are available to you 24/7.

If your health does not allow a normal return journey, Assi-Link will arrange the repatriation to your home or to the most suitable hospital in your area. This transport takes place via (ambulance) plane, ambulance or any other suitable means of transport. Maybe it's even a mule in the Rif Mountains? In addition, Assi-Link will reimburse the extended stay or repatriation of your family members.

Assistance with hospitalisation abroad
Assi-Link contributes to transport costs to the local hospital, or to the local physician. For the admission costs, you can contact your health insurance company and Vanbreda Risk & Benefits.

Medical expenses abroad
Assi-Link is a supplement to your health insurance. Report the medical costs to Vanbreda and check the terms and conditions of your hospitalisation insurance.

Domestic admission assistance
You can also count on Assi-Link when you are admitted in Belgium. Assi-Link will provide, among other things, family assistance, child care and care for your beloved pet. In addition, this policy covers transport costs to and from the hospital and you can even have your groceries delivered.


The guarantee of Assi-Link+ also provides:

In the event of the death of an insured person, assistance is also provided . We can bring family members to the site and ensure that the body is transferred to Belgium.

The payment of medical expenses
Assi-Link+ is responsible for the direct handling of your medical costs.

  • Would you like to contact us quickly?
  • More information about the reimbursement options via hospitalisation insurance/ Assi-Link/ Assi-Link+.
  • Would you like to know more about our services abroad?

If your health insurance does not include Assi-Link or Assi-Link+, you can take out personal travel insurance via MyVanbreda.