I’m already in hospital, but I haven’t declared my admission yet.

You are in hospital, but you haven't declared your hospitalisation yet because you were admitted in an urgency, for example.

Declare your admission to Vanbreda as soon as possible. You can do so via the Vanbreda App, by phone or with the declaration form on the website.

In case you cannot declare your admission yourself, someone else can do it for you (a friend or family member for instance).

Once you have declared your hospitalisation, we will inform you when we have processed your file.

Did we accept your admission? Then Vanbreda will reimburse all the covered costs. If you are entitled to the Medi-Link direct billing procedure, you do not have to pay an advance or the hospital will repay your advance immediately. If you are not entitled to the direct billing procedure, you pay the invoice to the hospital and Vanbreda will reimburse you for the covered costs afterwards.