I’m being admitted. How do I handle this?

You've just been to your doctor and you need to be hospitalised for an operation. There are a number of things you need to arrange to ensure that your (day) admission runs smoothly.

Your doctor and the hospital's admissions department will provide you with all the necessary documents to organise your admission in a practical manner. Please review this information thoroughly to ensure that you are well prepared for your stay in the hospital. For example: do you have to bring your own sleeping gear and toilet bag? What about the medication you take at home?

In addition to these practical matters, it is best to inform Vanbreda as soon as possible about your admission. This can be done via the online declaration form or via our Vanbreda Health Care app.

After the declaration, we will open your admission file.  As soon as your declaration has been processed, we will provide you with a 010 number, which you must provide at the registration desk in the hospital on the day of your admission. Tip: If you install the Vanbreda Health Care app in advance, you will always have this number at hand.

Prepare yourself for the financial part too. Do you opt for a double or multi-bed room? Or do you prefer a single room? In that case, you should check whether there is an exemption for a single room in your hospitalisation insurance. Furthermore you should be aware that the hospital will charge supplements on the room costs and on the fees. Each hospital has its own rates. Be sure to ask about that. This way you won't be confronted with any surprises afterwards.

If, in addition to your hospitalisation insurance, you also have the assistance policy Assi-Link or Assi-Link+, you should contact the administrator of that policy in advance if you wish to make use of their services. Home help or child care, for example.


Due to the nature of the procedure, you may not be able to go home on your own after the admission. Check in advance who will take you home. Do you have an appointment with your doctor afterwards? The costs for these consultations and other preliminary and aftercare costs are often reimbursed by your hospitalisation policy. You can check this in your policy conditions.  For pharmacy fees, we recommend that you use AssurPharma to deliver them very easily and fully automatically to us.

Emergency admission

You weren’t able to do all these preparations because you were admitted as a matter of urgency? Please contact us as soon as possible.