Can I get a single room?

If you have to spend the night in the hospital, you can choose to stay in a single room. The hospital may invoice a surcharge for this. Patients in a single room also often pay doctor's surcharges to treating physicians.

Because of these surcharges, the amount you pay to the hospital is usually higher. For more information about these surcharges, please contact the hospital of your admission.

You will find a detailed overview of the costs that are reimbursed in the policy conditions of your hospitalisation insurance.

Depending on your policy conditions:

  • the room surcharges are not refunded, partially refunded or completely refunded,
  • the doctor's surcharges will not be refunded, partially refunded or completely refunded,
  • there is an (increased) exemption for a hospital stay in a single room,
  • there is an exemption in terms of percentage,
  • a maximum amount is reimbursed, for example in the case of repeated admissions or large invoices,
  • there are other reimbursement conditions depending on the hospital where you are staying in a single room.

Non-medical expenses such as telephone, television, wifi or care products are never reimbursed by your insurance company.