What is the exemption under the Hospitalisation plan?

In a number of policies there is an exemption. This is the amount of the covered costs for which Vanbreda Risk & Benefits does not provide a reimbursement and that you have to pay for yourself. The exemption applies to each insured person.

When you submit your guaranteed costs, we deduct the exemption until the costs have reached the threshold amount.

Did you receive a settlement note? In that case, we always indicate the deducted exemption amount for the costs that have been processed up to that point.

In case the direct billing procedure is applicable for you and we settle the invoice directly with the hospital, we will send you a settlement note afterwards for the amount of the exemption, as well as for any other costs that are not covered by your guarantee.

The exact amounts of the exemption and the period in which an exemption applies depend on your policy conditions. For example, this amount often depends on your choice of room type at the time of admission. Please read your policy conditions carefully.