Seriously ill

If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, it can have a major impact on your life. Undoubtedly a lot of questions arise for you and your environment if you ever get such a diagnosis. Know that at least you're not on your own!

Your hospitalisation insurance can help alleviate financial worries. Almost all medical plans provide additional cover for the treatment and follow-up of your serious illness, even if you are not admitted to hospital. The list of serious diseases depends on your policy conditions.

What are the specific costs involved?

Even before you know your diagnosis, there are a lot of costs involved. Just think of the tests you've been through. Once your treatment has started, Vanbreda intervenes in consultations with your general practitioner or specialist, pharmacy costs, physiotherapy, medical equipment, prostheses and so on. The reimbursement conditions depend on your medical plan.

What is the best way to proceed?

Once the diagnosis is made, you should inform us as soon as possible. You need to report your serious illness and also provide us with a certificate from your treating physician.

As soon as we have opened your file, you can submit your costs. Your file will remain open as long as you are being treated or followed up. This often takes several weeks or months, sometimes the disease is even chronic. If your medical condition improves or deteriorates or if there are any complications, your file can be re-evaluated in order to manage your file optimally at all times.

What if you need to be admitted?

If you are admitted to hospital because of your serious illness, it is best to  register in time.  Only then can you enjoy the third party payer scheme via Medi-Link.  After acceptance of your declaration, you do not have to pay advances and hospital invoices yourself. The hospital will deliver these directly to Vanbreda and we will send you a settlement according to your policy conditions.

What if your income is in danger?

Do you have insurance guaranteed income via your employer? If you are seriously ill and need intensive treatment, your income may suffer as a result. Check your policy conditions to see how your guaranteed income insurance can remedy this.

In short, there is a lot involved when you have a serious illness. Your health is of course the most important thing and deserves your full attention. Leave the administrative and financial worries to us!