Why does Vanbreda withhold an exemption? Isn’t there a refund?

The exemption is the amount of the covered costs that you have to pay yourself. In the case of a hospitalisation insurance, this exemption applies to each insured person. Do you have an ambulatory insurance? In that case, the exemption can apply both per insured person and per family.

Depending on your insurance policy, this exemption will be deducted per insurance year or per claim year (from the date of the first expenses).

Exemption for a hospitalisation plan

A hospitalisation plan has several possibilities:

  • an exemption is always applicable; the amount of the exemption is higher, for example, if you choose a single room;
  • an exemption only is applicable if you choose a single room;
  • there's a percentage exemption.

You will find a detailed overview of the exemptions in your policy conditions.