Who will pay my hospital bill?

Medi-Link takes away your financial worries when you have to go to the hospital for an admission. Thanks to Medi-Link's direct billing arrangement, you do not have to pay advances or invoices to the hospital. Make sure that the hospital of your admission is on the list of hospitals that work with Medi-Link.

Please inform Vanbreda well in advance of your admission. If your declaration was accepted, then go to the hospital with the 010 identification number you received from us the day of your admission. As a result, you do not have to pay an advance on the spot and your hospital bill is sent directly to Vanbreda.

Are there costs that your insurance does not cover? Then Vanbreda will send you a settlement note of the costs for which you still have to pay (part of) the costs afterwards.

You can only make use of the Medi-Link direct billing arrangement if you have declared your hospitalisation to Vanbreda in advance. In the event of an emergency admission, it is best to declare it as soon as possible. Have you been discharged from hospital for more than seven days? Then you cannot use Medi-Link anymore.

The Medi-Link direct billing procedure only applies to your hospitalisation invoice, and not to ambulatory expenses.