Why are the ambulatory expenses in my hospitalisation file still pending?

We can only treat your ambulatory expenses after we have received and processed the hospitalisation invoice. From then on, we can determine the pre-post period, or check whether there is a (covered) day admission. That's why it's best not to send us your ambulatory expenses from the pre-post period until your hospitalisation invoice has been sent.

Are you using Medi-Link? In that case, we pay the hospitalisation invoice directly to the hospital. When this is done, you will receive a final invoice. Once you have received that invoice, please submit your ambulatory expenses from the pre-post period.

If you are not using the Medi-Link direct billing system, it is best to provide us with the ambulatory expenses together with the hospitalisation invoice.

Did you already submit expenses before we processed your hospitalisation invoice? Then we'll keep them in your file while we wait for that invoice.